Winston-Salem Training Conference – February 29th, 2012
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Front Desk
Security Guide
500 DV Assaults
at Work Study
Helping Veteran

DV and Employment Matrix

eNewsletter-2004-2009 Google Folder

General Workplace Violence Resources

Google Docs Folder of Resources, Training Handouts and other Information

Sample List Below:

Verified Persons- Post Hire Monitoring White Paper

BLS Homicides by Assailant and Industry 1997-2010

ASIS- Crisp Report Guns in Workplace, Dr. Dana Loomis

ASIS- Guidelines Preemployment Screening

ASIS Guidelines Workplace Violence Prevention

ASIS- Risk Assessment Guidelines

BJS-Violence in the Workplace 93-99

Employers Policies Guns at Work- American Journal of Public Health

Forced Entry Report- Guns at Work-Brady Campaign

Healthcare and Social Work -OSHA 3148

Workplace Violence and Nursing Site – Great Resources at Bottom

Hiring Flags -Work Violence Solutions

Inside Threat- Cyber Assaults -MERIT

Late Night Retail -OSHA 3153

MI- Survey of Emergency Physicians

Monograph on Workplace Violence -FBI

NHS Lone Worker Guidelines

Partnering in Workplace Violence Prevention-Translating Research Into Practice-NIOSH

Preventing Violence Robbery and Theft -British Columbia Retailers

Robbery Prevention Poster – WA-DOL&I


Taxi Industry Safety Letter- Gerry Manley

Workplace Violence Prevention- Clifton Budd and DeMaria

Workplace Violence Report 1996 -DOJ

Workplace Violence Report- University of Iowa

Workplace Violence Survey -SHRM 2004

Domestic Violence at Work 


Domestic Violence in the Workplace Resources Google Folder




ABA Commission on Domestic Violence
American Bar Association- Laws, Resources, Legislation

Ramsey County PH- Workplace Resource
Training program, awareness material and more

Legal Momentum: Workplace Resources
Legal help – Laws, Resources, Legislation

Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence
Coalition of employers- very helpful and extensive resource listing

RSS Feed – “dv cases” via Peace at Work
List of cases of DV assaults at work – updated daily