DV Campaign

Outreach Campaign to your Business Community

Google Folder of Slides, Handouts, Materials and Resources 

It makes sense that the Partner agency will do the outreach to their business and employer community since you know it best.

You may have your own community educator or outreach team but I have a few templates and resources that might help.

Press Release (Sample)
Webinar Invite Sample eMail
Newsletter blurb template

Suggested Steps – All template can be customized for our event

1) Send email to all of your business contacts and local law enforcement
A sample of the webinar invite can be seen at Webinar Invite Sample eMail 
This email can also be turned into a web-page where we can direct interested parties.

You can send out our customized email to your contacts through your email system or we can do that for you.

2) Contact Local business associations to attend and help promote the event.
We have a template Blurb (newsletterblurb template) for their newsletters or announcements.

Find local chapter of national organizations in the link provided.

Chamber of Commerce

Society of Human Resource Managers

Employee Assistance Professionals

ASIS International

American Society of Safety Engineers

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Rotary Clubs

Posting on Social Media Sites that you may belong to such as Linked-In and Twitter.


Presentation Material

Keynote Speech agenda and presentation

(26 slide MS PowerPoint with notes)

Seminar agenda and presentation

(1/2 day and full day) (110 slide PP with notes)

Victim Employee Support – Group Activity

Threat Management – Group Activity

DV in the Workplace Myths Questionnaire

Cost Analysis of Abuse on Bottom Line

(Texas Health Resources Excel Spreadsheet)

Resource Kit for Employers (model policy, statistics, check lists, resource pages and more)

Employment and Domestic Violence Matrix

Literature review of current best practices

Customized Employment Law Reference Sheet

Impact Studies and Research Summary

Presentation/Seminar evaluation sheets

Resources for Planning

For Keynote presentations-

Contact List of relevant business associations

Proposal letter for association chapters

For open-enrollment seminars

Task-list/ Work-plan for Seminar Development

Customized contact list of local business association chapters and membership lists for invitations

Sponsorship Request letters

Budget Sheets

Registration Form

Marketing Materials including

Webpage template

Press release template

Flyers and Save the Date Cards

Any other ideas?