Speaking Engagements/Workshop Delivery/Keynote Address

Review Previous Engagements

Comprehensive Organizational Assessment

  • Employee Awareness and Concerns
  • Interviews and/or focus groups with frontline workers and key personnel
  • Online survey available for all employees
  • Confidential report and analysis for administration review
  • Guidance for policy and training development

Policy, Procedure and Protocol Assessment and Development

  • Personnel Policies review and revision
  • Review or development of Threat Management procedures that oversee intervention, assessment and incident management
  • Reporting system for incidents and threats
  • Guidelines for workers to give direction in the prevention, response and management of misconduct issues
  • Reporting system for workers to quickly and confidently report concerns
  • Evaluation protocol to systematically assess the efficacy of the program and to make continual improvements.

Workplace Violence Training

This is a brief outline of the subjects to be covered in the seminar. The instruction will be provided through a combination of lecture, video presentation, group discussion and interactive exercises.

1) Impact and Statistics: Prevalence and types of workplace violence
• Case studies specific to the nature of participant work
• Workplace Threats: Co-worker; Domestic Violence; Client Hostility; Crime
• Current statistics relevant to municipal government employees

2) Environment and Procedure: How the work and place where you provide services puts you at risk
• Personal safety
• Office and building layout
• Working in the field precautions

3) Organizational Response: How to respond effectively
• Reporting procedures
• Why employees don’t make reports
• Threat assessment
• Security measures

Additionally, specific threats to workplace security will be addressed such as

1. De-escalating hostile behavior: When a client becomes disrespectful or threatening.
• The “profile” of a violent person – warning signs
• Angry clients – Empathy, customer service
• Inappropriate behavior – Setting limits
• Dangerous behavior – Protecting self and others

2. Co-Worker / Employee Issues
• Warning signs of potentially violent employees
• Assessment and investigation measures of previous work experience

3. Domestic Violence in the workplace
• Why it is a workplace issue: risk of violence and performance impact
• Identifying victims, approaching appropriately and offering effective support
• Community resources

Group Exercise Activities
• Threat Assessment and Security Implementation in a case study review
• De-escalation of hostile behavior practice